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Support Team Escalations

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Support Team Escalations

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Customer Service

Technical Support

Direct Sales

Business Relations Tier I Tier II Robert Martin
Monday-Friday 7am – 7 pm 24/7 Commercial Sales Director
419-724-9898 / 866-535-9898 888.808.6111 / 610.355.9700 Phone: 419-724-7636
businessreps@telesystem.us   Cell: 419-575-2758
  Mike O’Brien Email: robmartin@telesystem.us
Ruth Potter Tier II Supervisor  
Business Relations Manager Phone: 610-355-9765 Warren Reyburn
Phone: 419-724-3707 Cell: 856-685-8516 Executive Vice President Telesystem
Cell: 419-806-5200 Email: mobrien@telesystem.us Phone: 610-355-9739
Email: rpotter@telesystem.us   Cell: 610-213-7427
  Kerri Wiley Email: wreyburn@telesystem.us
Kerri Wiley Customer / Network Support Director  
Customer / Network Support Director Phone: 419-724-3804 John Martin
Phone: 419-724-3804 Cell: 419-654-1097 President Telesystem
Cell: 419-654-1097 Email: kwiley@telesystem.us Phone: 419-724-3860
Email: kwiley@telesystem.us   Cell: 419-654-1860
    Email: jmartin@telesystem.us
Denton Parson Denton Parson  
Executive Vice President, Telesystem Executive Vice President Telesystem

Indirect Sales

Phone: 419-724-3864 Phone: 419-724-3864 Bruce Wirt
Cell: 419-654-1942 Cell: 419-654-1942 Channel Sales Vice President

Email: dparson@telesystem.us

 Email: dparson@telesystem.us Phone: 610-355-9745
    Cell: 214-353-7583
John Martin Tier III/Network Operations Email: bwirt@telesystem.us

President Telesystem

Dan King  
Phone: 419-724-3860 Tier III Supervisor Warren Reyburn
Cell: 419-654-1860 Phone: 419-724-9898 Executive Vice President Telesystem
Email: jmartin@telesystem.us Cell: 419-290-0490 Phone: 610-355-9739
  Email: dking@telesystem.us  Cell: 610-213-7427

Service Delivery

  Email: wreyburn@telesystem.us
Jessica Pitzen Andy O'Leary  
Service Delivery Manager Tier III Manager John Martin
Phone: 419-724-3815 Phone: 419-724-3853 President Telesystem
Cell: 419-345-7204 Cell: 419-250-4407 Phone: 419-724-3860
Email: jpitzen@telesystem.us Email: aoleary@telesystem.us Cell: 419-654-1860
    Email: jmartin@telesystem.us
Brian Reachard Kerri Wiley  
Manger, Operations Engineering & Service Delivery Customer / Network Support Director


Phone: 610-355-9783 Phone: 419-724-3804 Jeanne Unangst
breachard@telesystem.us Cell: 419-654-1097 Billing Team Lead
  Email: kwiley@telesystem.us Phone: 610-355-9714
 Chris Schrader   Email: junangst@telesystem.us
Service Delivery Director Denton Parson  
Phone: 610-355-9703 Executive Vice President Telesystem Deepak Prajapati
Cell: 856-357-5682 Phone: 419-724-3864 Billing Director
Email: cschrader@telesystem.us Cell: 419-654-1942 Phone: 610-355-9709
  Email: dparson@telesystem.us Email: dprajapati@telesystem.us 

Denton Parson

 Executive Vice President Telesystem    Denton Parson
Phone: 419-724-3864     Executive Vice President Telesystem
Cell: 419-654-1942     Phone: 419-724-3864 
Email: dparson@telesystem.us     Cell: 419-654-1942 
     Email: dparson@telesystem.us 


Todd Crooks    
Installation Supervisor    
Phone: 419-724-3881    
Email: Tcrooks@telesystem.us    
Kerri Wiley    
Customer / Network Support Director    
Phone: 419-724-3804    
Email: kwiley@telesystem.us    
Denton Parson    
Executive Vice President Telesystem    
Phone: 419-724-3864    
Email: dparson@telesystem.us    

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