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Hosted VoIP Softphone - Green Platform

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Hosted VoIP Softphone - Green Platform


Maintain the call capability, powerful features, and efficiency your Hosted VoIP office phone on your mobile device with Accession Communicator, the Telesystem Softphone on the Green Platform.

Utilize softphone applications on your mobile, tablet, PC, or MAC devices so you can be accessible even while away from your desk. Calls placed from the softphone appear as if they are originating from your office phone, ensuring your colleagues and customers have a unified way of contacting you. In addition to making and taking calls, the softphone adds features of presence monitoring, chat (instant messaging) and optional SMS capabilities.

In order for this application to work, you must have a Telesystem Hosted VoIP phone number provisioned with this service.

Please contact us if you need assistance setting up or using your Softphone enabled device. 

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