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Local Inbound

Local Inbound

Local Inbound numbers are ideal for businesses with geographically diverse branch offices. It offers customers a local number to call so they can reach you no matter where the call is being fielded and gives your business a local presence.

For instance, ABC Company operates a call center out of their corporate headquarters in Toledo, Ohio. Their call center contact number is (419) 724-0000.

They also have branch offices in New York, NY and Washington D.C. Rather than have an 800 number or require customers to place a long distance call, ABC Company selected Telesystem’ s Local Inbound Service to give their branch offices a local option for their customers in New York and Washington D.C..

That means customers in New York City can call their regional branch office by dialing their local contact number, (917) 746-0000.

Likewise customers in Washington D.C. can call locally at (202) 684-0000.

Both 917-746-0000 and 202-684-000 forward to the ABC Company contact center located in Toledo, Ohio.


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