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WiFi Engagement & Analytics

WiFi Engagement & Analytics

Telesystem’s WiFi Engagement & Analytics platform is unrivaled in its power and flexibility; whether that’s capturing key visitor data, building detailed visitor profiles and reports, or segmenting data to improve visitor engagement, we offer the tools and reporting functionality to transform your physical space and deliver exceptional visitor experiences.

With our cloud software enabled over Telesystem Managed WiFi hardware, your business can access key demographic and behavioral visitor data, and optimize your space as needed. 

WiFi Engagement & Analytics Use Cases

  • Capture real-time visitor data and insights
  • Deliver personalized marketing campaigns to increase spend
  • Optimize your space based on how your visitors move around
  • Provide indoor and outdoor blue dot location tracking
  • Increase safety through occupancy tracking for situations such as COVID-19
  • Gather valuable customer feedback
  • Enhance asset tracking for critical equipment
  • Increase storefront conversions
  • Drive loyalty scheme participation
  • Monetize your WiFi
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  • View additional Use Cases for Retail

Movement Intelligence

Location analytics is integrated over your WiFi network and uses de-identified MAC address ‘signals’ to understand how visitors move around your venue. We use geo-fencing technology to create zones for specific areas, such as a new clothing range or food stall, to establish footfall journeys and identify the hotspots within your store for different customer segments.

All this data is then fed into the analytics portal where you can optimize your venue based on real-time information and what purchases customer are considering. Finally you can action this data with proximity marketing by driving campaigns that are triggered by a WiFi user’s location, behavior or demographic.

Key Features

  • Track your customers’ movements around your venue
  • Identify visitor journeys and paths
  • Footfall and heat mapping
  • Ability to create floor plans and add your hardware
  • Zone creation and management
  • Real time reports on journey management
  • Sensor management

Advanced Wayfinding 

Our proprietary blue dot Advanced Wayfinding technology offers real-time location tracking indoors, and the ability to create highly personalized and end-to-end navigation experiences for patients, guests, and employees.

Branded digital maps support user friendly indoor navigation with point-to-point directions to guide users to their destination, managed via a universal CMS. 

Key Features:

  • Accurate blue dot positioning within 1.5 meters
  • Step-by-step route audio instructions
  • Rerouting notifications
  • Location-based messaging and alerts (geofencing)
  • Highly intuitive UI/EX
  • Mobile responsive web accessibility (non-app/non-mobile users)
  • Data insight about facility usage and navigation patterns

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