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Private Line

Private Line

Private Line service transmits time-sensitive secure data from point A to point B without traveling over the public Internet. A variety of interconnection options are available to support your business network conditions and geographical locations. Our Private Line service provides dedicated bandwidth to businesses through our core network, made up of redundant Ethernet rings, which provides the highest degree of reliability. We monitor your service 24 hours a day from our Network Operations Center In the rare event of a problem, our technicians can often resolve it before you even realize there was a problem.

Business applications that can benefit from Private Line service include file sharing, Hosted VoIP, PBX lines, LAN/WAN interconnections, private networks, video conferencing, credit card processing and data backup. 


Benefits of Private Line

Private Line meets industry compliance standards and has the reliability that businesses depend on. Take a look at the Private Line benefits favorable to businesses:

Secure. Private Lines are 100% secure and provide private transmission of critical data to designated points.

Reliable. Telesystem offers 99.99% network connectivity and 24/7/365 monitoring through our Network Operations Center.

Flexible. Private lines carry IP, voice, data, and video as Layer 2 traffic.

Agile: Add bandwidth between facilities for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Imaging, CAD/CAM, and more.

Cost-effective: Eliminates per-call charges when dialing throughout your private network.

Nationwide: Communicate over Telesystem’s state-of-the-art network, available nationwide.


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