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Extend your Local Area Network (LAN) beyond the walls of your business into a Wide Area Network (WAN) while still enjoying the reliable connectivity of a LAN. With Metro-E from Telesystem, your connection is seamless, giving you the monitoring flexibility you need and allowing you to move traffic between two points quickly across our network.


  • Order in 1MB increments to achieve exactly the speed you need to run your network
  • Extend your LAN environment into a WAN world, allowing you to move traffic between two points quickly across our network
  • E-LANs allows large companies to connect multiple geographically diverse LANs so they appear to be on the same network, regardless of their locations

E-Lines can be ordered in several ways:

Symmetric: Your E-Line can be the same upstream and downstream in any 1Mb increment, from 1Mb to 100Mb, or in 5Mb increments, from 100Mb to 1000Mb (GigE).

Tailored: Have a location that does more uploading than downloading? Telesystem is the only provider in this area that allows you to pick your upstream speed and downstream speed in 1Mb increment from 1Mb to 100Mb, or 5Mb increments from 100Mb to 1000Mb (GigE).


Our Ethernet service is not available in all areas. Speak with one of our representatives to check the service and speed availability in your area.

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