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Dedicated Internet

Dedicated Internet

When is it OK to share your internet bandwidth?

By viewing this very page, there's a decent chance you're using a public connection like cable internet, which distributes the service provider's bandwidth across a large pool of local subscribers. The effects of such shared connectivity are usually so subtle as to be unnoticeable, at least when you are performing routine tasks such as web browsing or sending messages. This sharing works for most customers in everyday usage.

Pivot to VoIP calling or video conferencing applications, though, and the bar for quality is much higher than any standard internet connection can clear. Enter dedicated internet access (DIA). Built on circuits reserved exclusively for your business, DIA provides guaranteed bandwidth via flexible, scalable and cost-effective network transport.

The Key Features and Advantages of Dedicated Internet Access

Modern DIA represents the evolution of core business internet technologies such as T1 and T3 lines that first emerged in the 1960s. In fact, both T1 and T3 are still options in some DIA plans, but they are now joined by other circuit options including dedicated fiber, Ethernet-over-copper (EoC) and fixed wireless that collectively meet a wider range of requirements.

A DIA plan may be based on:

  • Dedicated fiber: Fiber-optic cabling, made from glass, provides low-friction data transmission free from electromagnetic interference. As such, it's the perfect mode of transport for high-speed and dependable DIA service. There are thousands of miles of installed fiber in the U.S. and they perform reliably over both short and long distances.
  • EoC: Harnessing the power of twisted copper pairs, EoC offers high electrical conductivity, built-in redundancy (thanks to the pairing) and a large operational footprint. The copper lines underpinning EoC are easy to terminate and available in most commercial buildings with conventional phone lines.
  • Fixed wireless: This option uses radio waves instead of wires, which allows for much faster deployment and immunity to issues such as underground cable damage. Plus, service is still high-speed and low-latency thanks to point-to-point connections between installations.
  • T1 and T3: T1 lines can be installed in almost any location, even far from the dense urban cores in which fiber and EoC are the most built-up. It may be installed on fiber or copper, either way it provides a dedicated, symmetrical connection that's perfect for any organization needing uninterrupted internet access for anything from HD voice to cloud computing services. A T3 line is an aggregation of 28 T1 lines.

The main differences between these transport types are their respective bandwidth and geographic availability. All DIA circuits share the following features:

Private connection, guaranteed bandwidth & high throughput

Instead of sharing a connection with many other organizations, DIA customers enjoy reserved bandwidth – like having a smooth private lane that lets you avoid a jammed highway. High utilization elsewhere on the network won't degrade conditions for your team. DIA lines also have superior throughput, meaning you don't get theoretically fast access to the network, but high speeds in actual usage.

Symmetrical speeds

Upload and download speeds are the same in DIA plans, unlike consumer internet packages that feature much slower uploads than downloads. This symmetry supports the characteristics of demanding real-time applications for voice and video, not just TCP apps, and allows for faster data transfers from remote sites and to cloud infrastructure.

A service-level agreement (SLA)

The reliability of the DIA line's service is guaranteed by the service provider in a binding SLA, which spells out the allowable downtime and minimum performance. More specifically, the SLA usually defines levels of uptime, latency, packet loss and jitter to prove the connection's suitability for business-class traffic with low tolerance for adverse conditions across the network.

Highly responsive customer service

If you've ever had technical hiccups with your home internet, you know that resolving these problems can take what seems like a long time as you navigate a phone tree to find a representative. In contrast, you can expect a rapid response from a DIA service provider at any time of the day. The connection is monitored 24/7/365 and any requests related to real DIA issues receive high priority for swift resolution.

What You Gain with Dedicated Internet Access from Telesystem

In addition to the above core advantages of DIA, Telesystem customers benefit from value-added services and enhancements that create a more secure and reliable experience.

Complimentary DDoS protection

Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks have become both easier to execute and much larger in peak size over the years. At no extra cost, all Telesystem DIA subscribers receive anti-DDoS protection through our network core. Our managed security services can provide additional protection for your services and applications.

Nationwide coverage and scalability

Our dedicated private fiber routes span more than 7,000 miles across the country. You can also adjust the amount of bandwidth in your Telesystem DIA plan to fit your particular needs – both upstream and downstream increments are customizable.

Savings when you combine DIA with voice services

Even as a superior alternative to commodity internet, DIA can save you money by reducing downtime and letting you pay only for what you actually use. A DIA connection is the perfect complement to hosted VoIP services, which also deliver similar savings compared to an overbuilt PBX – as long as they have reliable network service like what a DIA line can guarantee.

Telesystem's DIA offering is part of our broader spectrum of network services designed to give you the connectivity your business deserves at an affordable price. To learn more, visit our main network services landing page, or contact our team directly to discuss first steps.


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