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Broadband Internet

Broadband Internet

No matter where you’re located, Telesystem's high-speed Internet is built to handle the speed of your business. Whether you're a small home business or multi-location enterprise, we have a scalable solution to meet your unique business needs. Telesystem offers a full spectrum of upstream and downstream bandwidths that enable you to download, transfer, and stream voice, video, and data effortlessly – backed by the security of our world-class data centers. Keep your business connected 24/7 with a fast and reliable network.

Business Internet Speeds

We offer a variety of speeds and scalable solutions that cater to the specific needs of your business. Here is a quick guide to choosing the speed that’s right for you:

1-10 Mbps:

  • For use by a single person or business location using very low Internet usage.
  • Ideal for email, light web surfing and social media.

25 Mbps:

  • Great for mid size businesses with multiple users.
  • Allows for light streaming, downloads, and file sharing.

50 Mbps:

  • Ideal for large businesses with multiple users.
  • Allows for high definition video conferencing, frequent data streaming, downloads and file sharing.

100 + Mbps:

  • Seamless Internet that offers lighting-fast download speeds for large companies with a large staff.
  • Great for heavy video conferencing, file sharing, streaming, and data downloads.


 Benefits of Broadband Internet 

  • Customizable. Customize your bandwidths to meet the specific needs of your business
  • Secure. DDoS protection included at the core of our network - free of charge
  • Nationwide. National network coverage allows for easy expansion for cross-geographical businesses
  • Fast Streaming. Stream high-speed data, audio, and video simultaneously
  • Monitored. 24/7/365 monitored network support

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