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Data Center-2

Data Center-2

Telesystem's second data center (DC-2) is located in Southeast Michigan, over 25 airline miles from DC-1. DC-2 augments our current Data Center facilities with approximately twice as much space. DC-2, like a bunker, was built to Department of Defense standards for data centers.

The 8,150 square foot building sits on five acres and is protected on three sides by earthen mounds. Built to period-relevant Department of Defense building specifications, DC-2 is designed for resiliency and unparalleled protection.

It is also geographically separated from DC-1 to mitigate potential disruption. DC-2 is designed to operate independently or in unison with DC-1. All services available in DC-1 are also available in DC-2 providing unequaled availability and reliability.

Computing Specifics

  • Multiple blade server chassis with multiple blade servers per chassis, all fully redundant
  • Blades utilize the latest in industry standard processor technology
  • All memory is ECC (Error-Correcting Code) registered and buffered for speed and reliability
  • Infrastructure engineered for high capacities and easy expansion
  • All networking connected via fully meshed, multiple, redundant 10Gb links, switches, and routers
  • Dedicated storage network to multiple SANs - providing high availability for all virtual machines


  • Worldwide leader in virtualization technology
  • Multiple, redundant production clusters
  • High Availability (HA) enabled for all customer Cloud Servers for improved business continuity
  • Configurable operating system - Microsoft® Windows, Microsoft® Windows with SQL (or SQL Web Edition), Linux
  • Rapid scaling to meet customer needs
  • Consolidation for "right sizing" of server needs


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