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Omni Channel Contact Center

Implementing improved customer experiences

Omni Channel Contact Center

With omni channel contact center communication technology from Telesystem, your business can bring together all of its pivotal communications channels, including voice, SMS, email, and chat, on one highly reliable and scalable platform in the cloud. Moreover, you can build truly multi-channel customer service that connects agents and back office personnel to the technologies they need to deliver the fast, high-quality interactions that keep customers happy, loyal and informed.

Expect a seamless experience when implementing a Telesystem omni channel contact center solution. Your new cloud-based contact center can be layered on top of existing infrastructure and configured with concurrent licenses for a low total cost of ownership compared to named-user plans. Plus, you get all of its rich functionality for a price comparable to that of a traditional voice-only contact center.

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Connect across all channels, from one dashboard

Omnichannel contact center technology offers a unified interface for engaging each customer on their preferred channel, whether that's voice, chat, social, text or email. It's a win-win for customer satisfaction and agent productivity.

Say someone initiates contact via your website. If they choose to begin web chat, the Omni Channel platform will automatically assess their needs and route them to an agent with the right information to respond to their inquiry; the Telesystem Omni Channel solution also includes similar routing for SMS and Twitter interactions. Alternatively, they can request a web callback at a specific time, which reduces the long wait times that are a prime contributor to dissatisfaction while also giving you time to ensure the right agent is available.

For voice, every call is accompanied by a pop-up window that presents the agent with real-time info on the caller, including any history they have in reaching out to your organization. That provides a major advantage considering that almost 90 percent of consumers report being frustrated by having to repeat basic info to agents. Similarly, email handling uses keywords to accurately identify and categorize customer requests, while also giving agents context around ongoing email conversations so that nothing slips through the cracks.

Agents get to manage all of this information from a single pane of glass. Instead of having to dedicate so much desk space to a complex multi-monitor setup that drain their productivity, they can take advantage of transparent and collapsible windows within the unified Omni Channel interface; just one click is all that’s needed to bring a window to the front. With less context switching between monitors, agents benefit from higher productivity and enjoy more streamlined communications.

Seamlessly scale as your operations evolve

Growth will eventually put your customer service operations to the test and determine the perception and reputation of your business.

Telesystem's Omni Channel technology lets you scale your contact center operations quickly and economically. You can say goodbye to the common costs and complications of an exclusively on-prem call center, such as overpaying for idle hardware, struggling with forecasts of what your workforce will require and handling unexpected volume spikes or even facility outages.

Our omni channel platform is also switch-agnostic. Accordingly, you can layer it over any type of infrastructure and begin realizing the benefits of having IT resources at your fingertips. Easily add or subtract agents and supervisors to match current levels of demand and deliver more consistent service with reduced delays for customers.

Empower Contact Center agents with advanced features

To customers, your contact center should seem like it's almost invisible. Their interactions should feel effortless, without constant reminders - such as long wait times, or call transfers that don't resolve the issue - of all the complex activities occurring behind the scenes. Telesystem Omni Channel technology offers many specialized features to ensure that your contact center operations work predictably and efficiently. Think of these capabilities as the equivalent of synthetic motor oil for a contact center, i.e. something that supports peak performance over the long term.

  • Automatic call distribution with global queuing: Route calls to the best available agent at any time of the day, regardless of the caller's location, to minimize waiting and resolve more inquiries on the first attempt.
  • Deep CRM compatibility: Automatically log omni channel interactions to your CRM, via integrations with platforms including Microsoft Dynamics and Zendesk.
  • Multifaceted IVR: Easily configure an IVR with multi-language speech recognition and user verification via natural language or biometrics.
  • Quality monitoring: Record calls and quickly search for and retrieve them with customizable tags and parameters.
  • Predictive analytics: Analyze previous customer interactions to understand how cases with similar intent were resolved.

Realize Major Savings

It's all too easy to overpay for your on premise contact center. You could find yourself needing to buy more resources to deal with a surge in demand, or simply wasting funds on users, licenses and equipment that aren't even active.

Our Omni Channel solution has a concurrent licensing model, meaning you will only pay for what you actually use at any given time. Enjoy greater flexibility in how you use your IT spend while getting more mileage out of what you pay for your contact center.

By upgrading to a fully-featured Omni Channel Contact Center suite, you can also streamline your support teams and eliminate the overhead of working from many siloed systems across different channels. Omni Channel technology gives you a contact center that meets everyone's expectations for a unified, straightforward experience.

Enjoy Greater Uptime and Reliability

Last but certainly not least, a cloud-based omni channel contact center is only as dependable as its underlying infrastructure. At Telesystem, we host our solution in a redundant and secure cloud environment, with expert support to help you navigate any issues that arise. It's an omni channel platform you can trust to keep your business running.

  • HIPAA Compliant
  • PCI DDS 2.0 Compliant
  • GSA IT Schedule 70 Certified
  • SSAE 16 Compliant

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