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Telesystem to Expand Master Agent Focus with Channel Realignment

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Telesystem to Expand Master Agent Focus with Channel Realignment

January 13 – Toledo, Ohio

Press Release - Telesystem announced today that they are realigning their channel program to provide added support and simplification at the master agent level.  Going forward, the program will be aligned around two National Channel Managers, each with statically assigned master agent relationships throughout the United States.  Channel-focused account executives will be populated in target markets around the country to both assist with customer sales presentations and to enhance Telesystem’s relationship with sub agents.

Raymond Belair (Denver, Colorado) and Brian Buchman (Philadelphia, PA) will become the organization’s inaugural National Channel Managers, each having been with the organization and having great success in regional channel roles.  Telesystem currently has account executives in the mid-Atlantic, the northern Midwest, and will be adding positions in Louisville, Kentucky and Springfield, Illinois in the very near future, followed by positions to be determined in the western, US.  Sales staff and agents are supported by a team of sales support analysts and a geographically diverse team of sales engineers spread throughout the country.

“This is the next step in the evolution of our channel program,” said Telesystem’s Chief Business Development Officer Bruce Wirt.  “For the last 2 years, we’ve heard our Agent Advisory Board members tell us that they wanted a simplified support structure at the master agent level and more field resources available to aide the success of the sub agents.  This move will accomplish both goals, and set the program up to better scale for future growth.”

About Telesystem

Over the past 25 years, Telesystem has been empowering businesses across the country with a range of innovative network, communication and collaboration solutions. Made possible by the development and delivery of advanced technologies, Telesystem designs unique solutions to address the business-specific needs of each customer and helps them overcome some of the biggest and most complex challenges in modern IT; whether that's connecting mobile workforces via UCaaS or ensuring greater network dependability through an SD-WAN implementation.

Our expert team connects each customer with agile and reliable technologies that address their specific requirements for performance, security and cost. At Telesystem, these customer-centric values are as central to our operations as our network core.

Telesystem boasts 39 national Points of Presence (POPs), 3 privately-owned, compliant data centers, and 97 NNI Agreements which allow for blanket Ethernet coverage from coast to coast. Guided by our strategic partnerships and customer-centric mission, Telesystem currently delivers enterprise collaboration solutions and networking services to businesses in 45 states, DC and 4 foreign countries. Our customers include hospitals, universities, local public and private school districts, banks, and regional government offices, to name a few. 



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