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Telesystem Launches SD-WAN Solution

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Telesystem Launches SD-WAN Solution

Telesystem dives into SD-WAN’s market momentum by introducing SD-WAN with integrated security.


NORTHWOOD, OH, US – March 30, 2018 – Telesystem (www.telesystem.us) announced today that its SD-WAN service is officially ready for the mass market.

With the ever-growing demand to reduce complexity and control costs, Telesystem recognized that their business customers needed an efficient and effective way to virtualize multiple components of a branch office while deploying advanced security measures.

"We place a high priority on our value proposition in the security space.  For over 8 years we have offered edge device and cloud based service options to manage security and threat considerations for our end users, addressing everything from content management, to WAN link redundancy and managed VPN services.  In 2017, we launched our always-on Secure Internet as a Service to great response and success,” said Warren Reyburn, Chief Revenue Officer of Telesystem. “I view SD WAN with Security as yet another contributing member of the overall security portfolio.  We spent an extensive amount of time conducting due diligence and put this offering through it's paces in our labs and in the field, to ensure it meets the demands of our end user community."

Telesystem knew their deployment of SD-WAN would take time, but the methodical approach to developing the solution was absolutely intentional. The early feedback on SD-WAN adoption gave the company valuable insight as to where other providers were falling short. With those lessons learned, Telesystem wanted to develop a product that met customer expectation. Doing that meant understanding the market demand for solid technology, integrated security and full customer support – all of which is part of Telesystem’s rigorous product development process.

“Early on, we knew we wouldn’t be first to the market, but we didn’t see that as a detriment. Instead, our perspective was to focus on developing a product that we could confidently launch, without sacrificing our user experience. Our business customers expect that. They know and trust us because we provide solid customer support on all of our services,” states Mike Bilik, Chief Marketing Officer of Telesystem. “We don’t launch a product until it goes through our stringent development process, and that includes ensuring that everyone, front office through back office, can support an emerging technology like SD-WAN. It’s a lot more work, but we see it as a quality that makes Telesystem unique.”


About Telesystem

Over the past 20+ years, Telesystem has advanced as the dominant communications provider in Northwest/North Central, Ohio and Southeast, Michigan. Today that reach extends to all 48 continental United States - from California and Texas to New Jersey and Connecticut – made possible by the development and delivery of advanced technologies.

Delivering high-quality voice, video, data, and computing solutions across their highly-advanced fiber SONET and carrier-grade Ethernet core network, Telesystem is committed to providing customers solutions they can trust. This includes offerings such as Secure Internet as a Service, Hosted VoIP, SIP Trunks, Dedicated Internet Access, and Managed Computing Services.  Telesystem boasts 39 national Points of Presence (POPs), 2 privately-owned, compliant data centers, and 27 NNI Agreements that allow for blanket Ethernet coverage from coast to coast.

The award winning Telesystem Partner Program includes nine Telesystem Elite Agents and hundreds of Telesystem Authorized Agents across the nation. Guided by our strategic partnerships and customer-centric mission, Telesystem has grown its customer base to serve over 21,000+ locations including hospitals, universities, local public and private school districts, banks, and regional government offices.

For more information, please visit www.telesystem.us

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