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Telesystem Launches Hosted Exchange

Published: 03 April 2014

Telesystem Launches Hosted Exchange

Recognizing that business owners need to be able to devote their energies to the growth and success of their company, Telesystem is launching a versatile communications tool to make that happen for businesses large and small. This service compliments an expanding line of cloud applications that provide valuable computing resources like Cloud Servers, Remote Desktop, and Cloud Office.

We are pleased to introduce Hosted Exchange to our line-up of hosted services designed to empower business communications. Hosted Exchange is a powerful, worry-free tool that drives employee productivity and removes the stress often associated with managing company email.

Mike Davis, Director of Customer Operations and Marketing at Telesystem explains, “With Hosted Exchange, there’s no need to purchase expensive servers to get it up and running or to maintain. Additionally, the licensing requirements from Microsoft can be difficult to understand. Cloud Exchange eliminates these worries – we handle the equipment and licensing requirements – leaving our customers to focus on their business needs.”

While our Cloud Exchange solution frees companies from the expense of purchasing servers and the burden of having to track user licenses, it is also designed with security in mind. All packages come with both anti-virus and anti-spam filtering on inbound and outbound emails. Furthermore, customers may elect to purchase an add-on compliance tool which adds an extra layer of encryption and security to emails for organizations working with sensitive data.

In addition to security at the user level, Cloud Exchange provides a company-wide safeguard for email. Cloud Exchange data is backed up to Telesystem’s Data Center servers. Our facility and servers are carefully monitored 24/7 which ensures your data is there when you need it. With redundant, disaster recovery mechanisms in place, you can feel confident your data is safe.

Always on and available, the Hosted Exchange solution works across devices on Outlook clients, through Outlook Web Apps anywhere with an Internet connection, and on mobile iOS and Android devices. Users can send and answer emails, make appointments and share calendars and scheduled tasks- all without being anchored to the office. This kind of untethered, immediate access means increased productivity. Davis points out, “Because Exchange is cloud-based, all Hosted Exchange customers have immediate access to their email, and because it is built on the Exchange platform from Microsoft, there is the capability for sharing calendars/tasks to ensure high efficiency.”

While giving you the ability to enjoy Exchange’s great features without any of the stress, our Hosted Exchange solution provides Administrative portal access so setup and changes are under your control. Additions and changes can be made quickly and easily.

To assure customer satisfaction, our Hosted Exchange solution is delivered through a consultative sales process. Customers are assigned a dedicated team of sales specialists and sales engineers who invest into understanding your business. This dialogue allows our team to implement a solution tailored to your specific needs. We also offer 24/7 support as well as ongoing training developed to ensure you are getting the most from your service.

For companies transitioning from other email solutions, we make the move seamless. To that end, businesses will be able to retain their own domain so that part of company identity is not lost in the conversion. Likewise, we provide migration assistance for companies that need it.

Email management solutions can often be expensive- not with Telesystem. Davis states the low price for Hosted Exchange makes it an ideal solution- even for cost conscious budgets, “With three different packages available starting at only $1.75/user/month and add-ons like McAfee Encryption and 10-year archiving, businesses can customize their service to fit their needs.”

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