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Step Into The Cloud: Telesystem Launches Cloud Services

Published: 11 March 2013

Step Into The Cloud: Telesystem Launches Cloud Services

Simplify Business Communications, Reduce Costs and Increase Productivity with Telesystem Cloud Services

TOLEDO, Ohio – March, 11, 2013 – Telesystem announced the launch of its cloud-based services developed for customers who want decreased software and support costs, simplified IT demands and improvement in business continuity. Telesystem is further empowering businesses with the computing resources necessary to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity, while helping customers avoid the costs of purchasing and supporting additional equipment.

"Cloud based services allow our customers to focus on their core business. Our objective is to enable valuable resources to focus on projects that will help their business grow rather than focusing on their IT infrastructure." said Denton Parson, Director of Business Development, Telesystem. "To deliver these services we've invested in a world class data center that provides a more reliable and more secure environment than our customers can create at their own facility. This simple approach empowers our customers to do more."

Unlike other cloud-based providers that rely on only the public Internet for connectivity, Telesystem will give customers the option to connect to their data through a private connection. Utilizing their fiber-based, Metro-Ethernet network, Telesystem cloud customers can choose a private point-to-point connection for additional performance and security.

Telesystem offers access to a full selection of cloud-based services such as, Hosted Microsoft® Exchange, Cloud Servers and Cloud Storage. With its wide-ranging service portfolio, Telesystem's Cloud Services provide a number of features and benefits to businesses of all sizes, including:

  • Reduced Cost: Reduce the costs associated with infrastructure and capital expenses.
  • Convenience: Service available when and where customers want it. 24x7x365 availability. No trips to a brick and mortar store.
  • Secure: The Telesystem Data Center is housed one of the area's premier, hardened facilities.
  • Flexibility: Easily accommodate demand changes. Add and subtract resources near real-time.
  • Focus: Concentrate on running their business, not on hardware and software.
  • Productivity: Work away from the office. Software applications are hosted within the Internet, not on your desktop or server at the office.
  • Data Integrity: Data integrity is preserved. Data is safe from being stolen by physical and logical controls.
  • Expertise: Skilled support is available 24x7x365.
  • Integration: A consultative approach with experts ready to help develop a cloud strategy to meet specific customer needs
  • Scalable: Built to service large enterprises, but available to small-to-medium sized companies.

"Telesystem is ready to assist our customers in taking their first step into the cloud", said Mike Davis, Director of Customer Operations. "We are extremely excited that our offering will enable small to medium size businesses the ability to purchase products they typically couldn't purchase because of the large upfront costs. Now any business can get into this space and enjoy a variety of communication services, from Exchange and Outlook to off-site data back up with Cloud Storage. Bottom line, our customers will have safe and reliable access to their data."

In addition, Telesystem also partnered with Sprint to offer security services, including Kaspersky™ and Norton™ anti-virus programs.

"Sprint is in the business of enabling our customers with Wholesale Cloud Services, providing them with a complete cloud solution more quickly and at a reduced cost than if they were to build it themselves," said Bill Esrey, vice president, Global Wholesale & Emerging Solutions – Sprint. "We are pleased to support Telesystem in their launch of cloud services and propelling them toward success with this service."

About Telesystem

With a customer-centric mission, Telesystem is the dominant communications provider for commercial customers primarily in the Northwest/North Central, Ohio and Southeast, Michigan areas. Established in 1994, Telesystem maintains superior customer satisfaction by providing a wide array of integrated communication services and solutions delivered across their highly-advanced fiber SONET and carrier-grade Ethernet core network. Utilizing Session-Initiated Protocol (SIP), offerings such as Hosted Stations (Hosted IP-Centrex), SIP Trunks, high-definition voice and a growing suite of application solutions are available virtually anywhere in the world through the advancement of the Hosted VoIP Phone System.

Telesystem is a subsidiary of privately-owned Block Communications, Inc., whose other holdings include Buckeye CableSystem, a multiple system cable operator in the Toledo/Sandusky, OH area, the Toledo Blade, and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette daily newspapers.

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