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Why Businesses are Switching to Hosted VoIP

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Why Businesses are Switching to Hosted VoIP

What if you got all the benefits from an application or device, without having to actually own and maintain it? That's the basic value proposition of cloud computing – one of the most active areas of IT investment, with over $246 billion spent on public cloud services alone in 2017, according to Gartner – and it's one that readily applies to hosted VoIP (aka hosted PBX) phone systems, too.

The "hosted" label refers to where the key infrastructure is located. Namely, in the solution provider's data center, rather than on the premises of your company offices. Let's take a look at why this setup is so advantageous for modern business communications:


No upfront expenses

Implementing an on-premises private branch exchange (PBX) will typically saddle you with substantial upfront fees for the equipment, along with contracts for pricey system support. The incidental costs don't end there, either. You'll probably have to pony up for connectivity to the public switched telephone network, shoulder any routine maintenance and apply patches/upgrades as necessary.

Hosted VoIP eliminates the complexity and associated expenses of traditional PBX. Since the key assets are housed off-site in a secure data center, there's no need to purchase expensive equipment or sign separate maintenance contracts. Meanwhile, a trusted provider such as Telesystem handles all upgrades behind the scenes.


Improved flexibility and scalability

These two properties are often cited as advantages of cloud solutions in general and hosted VoIP in particular, but what do they actually mean for your organization? In real-world use, hosted VoIP can deliver specific benefits such as:

No more overbuying of phones

Old-fashioned PBXes typically require you to purchase phone lines in blocks, meaning there's a good chance you'll buy more of them than you need. With hosted VoIP, you don't have to purchase any extra handsets beyond your baseline needs. This flexibility lowers the total cost of ownership of your phone system.

Easy additions, removals and changes

Still, as your organization grows, its communications requirements may evolve, necessitating additional lines. Implementing them is a hassle with on-prem PBX due to the high cost and lengthy deployment timeline. Hosted VoIP providers like Telesystem greatly simplify the process by empowering admins to manage lines from an intuitive web-based interface.

Less IT overhead

Hosted VoIP frees your technical teams from having to wrangle with maintenance and support. Accordingly, they can focus on other projects closer to your core business, giving you a key competitive advantage over rivals that devote considerable resources to phone system upkeep.

Much more than a "phone" system

Calling hosted VoIP a "phone" solution is something of a misnomer. Modern voice solutions extend far beyond what you might associate with legacy enterprise phone systems. They are packed with advanced capabilities, including:

  • Soft clients, such as the Telesystem Softphone, that seamlessly port the functions of a hosted VoIP office phone to your mobile devices.
  • Searchable enterprise directories accessible from both desktop and mobile clients.
  • Auto-attendants for a flexible front office; routings, greetings and menu messages can be customized for business.
  • A calling toolbar that can be integrated into web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, as well as into Microsoft Outlook.
  • Visual voicemail with transcription and click-to-call back functionality, for access to all voicemails from your office and mobile phones.
  • HD voice and audio conferencing, with moderator features and options for scheduling and call recording.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of hosted VoIP capabilities. Overall, a hosted VoIP/hosted PBX solution can become a linchpin of your unified communications (UC) strategy. UC platforms are reshaping day-to-day enterprise operations. Conference calls alone may account for up to 40 percent of all business voice traffic, according to a vendor webinar summarized by TechTarget. Don't get left behind by clinging to a more limited – and likely costlier – on-prem PBX.


Peace of mind and improved continuity

What would you do if your phone system went down? Even if you got it back up and running relatively quickly, the episode might cost you thousands of dollars in lost business, not to mention the hit to your company's reputation for reliability. 

Your PBX is only as good as the infrastructure supporting it. Hosted VoIP has the clear upper hand against the standard business phone system here, since all key assets are situated in secure, redundant and disaster-proofed facilities. An electrical outage, fire or damaged line in your offices will not compromise service across the enterprise.

Accordingly, you get improved continuity and the financial and reputational benefits that come with it. Are you ready to start your journey to a better phone system for your organization? Contact Telesystem to discuss your hosted VoIP option and get a quote.


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