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Upgrading the Managed Wi-Fi User Experience

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Upgrading the Managed Wi-Fi User Experience

Managed Wi-Fi systems have a reputation for being expensive and difficult to use - but they don’t have to be. With the right partner and technology, a managed Wi-Fi solution can deliver reliable and scalable connectivity as well as increased user engagement via features such as virtual Bluetooth Low Energy (vBLE). Let’s look at how such a modern managed Wi-Fi platform can reshape how customers interact with your business.

Checklist for a Better Managed Wi-Fi Experience: 5 Key Features

What should managed Wi-Fi deliver to end users?

A fast connection is a given, but users also want features that reflect how they really use their devices. For example, someone connected to Wi-Fi on their phone or tablet is likely going to move around with that device at some point, instead of simply sitting at a desk. They might also engage with IoT devices connected to the same network along the way.

In other words, the Wi-Fi implementation should be built for modern use cases, enhanced with features such as:

1. Real-time proximity alerts 

Imagine a customer in a retail outlet that has a managed Wi-Fi system in place. As this shopper moves around the store, vBLE tech would allow the network to send them real-time notifications about items like:

  • Store-specific coupons.
  • Customer loyalty offers.
  • Info about how to find products or sales associates.

These alerts can literally pay off, as many retailers have reported increased sales after implementing managed Wi-Fi platforms. Beyond retail, proximity alerts are also beneficial in contexts such as health care, in which a patient might get a notification about how to check in upon arrival at a clinic or hospital.


2. Accurate navigation and directions

The location awareness of modern managed Wi-Fi helps users more easily find what they’re looking for as they move around the premises. The network can leverage precise wayfinding capabilities to deliver turn-by-turn directions to a desired location, such as a conference room, and also enable convenient location sharing with friends, family and colleagues 

Since managed Wi-Fi systems collect and analyze location data in real time, they can also let people know if certain areas are crowded or unavailable. Such capabilities have been in place at some major sporting events for years, allowing fans to find the best options for concessions stands or restrooms.

3. Deep IoT integration

The IoT has become ubiquitous. There were approximately 22 billion connected devices in the IoT at the end of 2018, and that number could more than double to 50 billion by 2030. Modern managed Wi-Fi systems can harness the power of the IoT via location data in particular.

For instance, if someone on the network reaches a certain point in a building, they might trigger the connected HVAC system or nearby security cameras. In this way, managed Wi-Fi supports a seamless user experience across multiple devices as people move throughout an indoor location.

4. Comprehensive analytics

Organizations may implement managed Wi-Fi as part of a digital transformation initiative. A managed Wi-Fi solution can provide rich insights about network usage patterns which can, in turn, inform decision-making about what services to offer.

One possibility is to track repeat visitors and customers and see which locations they visited most frequently. In response, more resources could be directed to those spots to ensure the best possible experience.

5. Performance assurance 

Managed Wi-Fi often must scale to hundreds of concurrent users, making performance assurance paramount. Features such as customizable service levels, dynamic packet capture and root cause identification can minimize outages and support better consistency.

Telesystem’s managed Wi-Fi can help you upgrade your network and customer experience at your key locations. Learn more by contacting our team directly today.

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