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Telesystem’s White-Glove Approach to Support

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Telesystem’s White-Glove Approach to Support

When it comes to support, what should customers expect from their telecommunications provider? Too often, these expectations are incredibly low, since the standard operating procedures in technical support involve customers enduring long wait times (or abandoning their calls altogether) and doing a lot of testing and due diligence on their own. 

Not at Telesystem. Before your Telesystem solution even goes live, our teams will provide hands-on support to lower the chances of something going wrong down the road. In our previous two blogs Telesystem’s White-Glove Approach to Sales and Our White-Glove Approach to Service Delivery, we covered these initial phases, where we assign a dedicated team to your account and send technicians and sales engineers to make sure everything’s working properly. This assistance lets you avoid the classic “plug and pray” scenario wherein you just hope everything goes right and then contact support if and when it doesn’t. In the instance that something isn’t going right, our experienced support team works closely with other departments, including sales and implementation, to ensure your issues are resolved and meet all of your expectations as efficiently as possible.

Calling Telesystem : Fast and Accurate Answers

Our support team prioritizes speed, as well as the technical knowledge needed for resolving complex support issues not just quickly, but accurately 

For starters, our call center has a faster-than-average speed to answer. Talkdesk statistics indicate that for all call centers worldwide, the mean speed to answer is 28 seconds - a full 5 seconds longer than the Telesystem team’s average. Better yet, 85% of all of our calls are answered within 20 seconds.

Accordingly, these speeds translate into relatively low abandon rates. The global average abandon rate is between 5% and 8%, according to Talkdesk, but ours is less than 2%.

OK, so our team can respond to your call very quickly - but how long can you expect it to take for your issue to actually be resolved? This is where our team’s deep technical acumen helps make your life easier, in the form of fast mean time to repair (MTTR). Nine in 10 of our support tickets are resolved in less than 5 hours, with an average MTTR of only 3.5 hours.

Even with that high-performing stat, we always see room for improvement. Currently, Telesystem is working toward ensuring that 100% of our support team has some type of professional network-related certification under their belt. We anticipate that we will reach this goal by the end of 2020. With this added level of expertise, we expect to further lower MTTR for customer tickets.

Live Support in Action: How We Handle and Escalate Customer Tickets

Our U.S.-based live support team is available 24/7/365 to help you navigate any issues with your Telesystem solutions. They can give you the best possible answer at any time of the day, thanks to:

  •       Insight into your account: Our monitoring systems give every agent comprehensive visibility into the products and services you’re using so that they don’t have to leave you on hold while they hunt for the most up-to-date information.
  •       Reliable escalation: Our Tier 1 support can handle most common issues, but we also have Tiers 2 and 3 for more technical matters. In some cases, senior executives may also be contacted and step in. 
  •       As few touches as possible: Even without an escalation system in place, we prioritize resolving each case with as few touches as possible. Doing so ensures that your systems get back up and running quickly, with much less time spent on the phone.


The Telesystem Commitment to Improvement

The entire Telesystem organization takes our metrics seriously. In order to continuously improve our customer experience, we regularly measure how quickly we answer the phone, how long it takes to resolve issues, and our one-touch resolution statistics.

Resolving issues on the first try is particularly important for us, since it has such a clear relationship with customer satisfaction (CSAT). According to Service Quality Management Group, every 1% increase in FCR translates into a 1% rise in CSAT.

Overall, we hold ourselves to a high standard for CSAT and take pride in consistently getting a 95% average rating from our customers each month. In fact, we distribute a CSAT survey after every ticket, so that customers can rate our service as either good or bad - and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

Our tenured team is the key to our success, not just in support but across the entire organization. We have team members who have worked with us for years and, in some cases, decades. This experience is pivotal to helping our customers find the right solutions to their problems so they can get the most from Telesystem products and services. A majority of our customers renew multiyear contracts with us because they believe not only in the quality of services we provide but in how we support them, too.

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