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Telesystem’s White-Glove Approach to Service Delivery

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Telesystem’s White-Glove Approach to Service Delivery

Network and business communications services can be technically complex and are vital to the success of keeping your business connected. Accordingly, proper discovery and implementation of them is paramount – that’s why you need an experienced business partner to ensure your organization gets the exact setup that it needs and expects.

Too often, customers are let down by their providers when it comes to the implementation of their solutions. Even after a great initial sales experience, buyers might find that they’re more or less on their own when it comes to getting everything in working order. This disconnect can lead to delays in getting a new VoIP system online, problems tapping into the power of a new dedicated internet access plan or reaping the benefits of managed services.

Since 1994, Telesystem has been providing expert, white-glove service delivery to our customers. From the moment a contract is inked, the Telesystem team coordinates a plan of action to make sure the solutions and services are implemented in line with all specifications and expectations.

How the Telesystem Team Approaches Its Projects

In our previous blog about our White Glove Approach to Sales, we walked you through our customer's initial interaction with us and our dedicated sales team’s consultative approach. Once your organization has decided to partner with Telesystem, your dedicated Account Manager and Sales Engineer will work closely on the discovery phase with our Service Delivery team, led by your designated Implementation Manager.

The Implementation Manager handles a wide range of tasks related to expert service delivery, with the overarching goal of making sure everything is completed on time and within budget. To those ends, they coordinate closely with on-site IT staff, vendors, and other parties, on specific activities such as:

  1. Project kickoff: The Implementation Manager oversees customer onboarding and the initial service delivery review. Accordingly, they will help define relevant milestones and set expectations for the project.
  2. Design phase: After that, the Implementation Manager works in conjunction with our Design Engineers to document a detailed solution to meet the customer’s specific requirements.
  3. Service installation: When it’s time to actually set things up, the Implementation Manager will coordinate all installation activity. Telesystem will get your network circuits and/or equipment in place and ready for activation.
  4. Service activation: The Implementation Manager coordinates efforts with our Activation Engineer, Technicians, and you as the customer to activate our solutions such as hosted VoIP, dedicated internet access, and managed services.
  5. Project closeout: Once everything is activated, the Implementation Manager will transition you over to the rest of the Telesystem team, helping onboarding you with technical support should an issue arise in the future.

Overall, the Implementation Manager leads you through every stage of the service delivery process and serves as your single point of communication throughout to ensure success. White glove support is their specialty, and every Telesystem customer can expect this high level of attention when implementing any of our services.


The Benefits of White Glove Service Delivery

The Telesystem commitment to white glove service delivery helps build long-term business relationships with customers. We come to know each customer, their requirements and how their organizations work on a day-to-day basis. As a result, we can continually provide the services and support they need.

Going the Extra Mile

On top of the typical responsibilities of the Implementation Manager, our team will also go above and beyond for customers. For example, a customer was once out of service due to a fire and expected not to be able to operate their call center for several days. In response, Telesystem built out a hosted contact center environment with a workspace for their employees within one of our office buildings.

Using this space, the customer restarted call center operations quickly and continued to work from there until it was safe to move back to their own location. In this case, service delivery proceeded on a very quick and atypical timeline, but the Telesystem team made it work and demonstrated how white glove implementation can take many forms.

Service Delivery Instead of DIY Setup

Ultimately, the Telesystem approach to service delivery ensures that you never have to go it alone when setting up a highly technical solution:

  •       Our team won’t leave you in a “plug and pray” situation, in which you are left hooking things up yourself and hoping that everything works properly.
  •       Throughout the service delivery phase, we send technicians directly to your site to guide the implementation process.
  •       Once they’re on-site, they can assist with unboxing your network and phone equipment, making test calls on your hosted VoIP system, and ensuring that all functionality works as desired.
  •       Since the Implementation Manager is your single point of contact within Telesystem, there’s no risk of being bounced around between agents and departments when you most need assistance.

Our distinctive approach to service delivery stems from our commitment to customer success and satisfaction. Moreover, the experienced Telesystem team approaches every project with an eye toward the customer’s unique needs. Telesystem customers regularly sign multiyear contracts with us because they trust us to get it right at every step, from sales to service delivery to support.

Read on to learn about our White-Glove Approach to Support

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