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Telesystem’s White-Glove Approach to Sales

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Telesystem’s White-Glove Approach to Sales

Our customers are our top priority, and our sales team is typically the first point of contact. We can assure you, you’re in great hands! The Telesystem sales team is wired to go above and beyond for each and every customer. With each customer, we look at the technological journey that a company is currently on and suggest only those solutions that make sense for its operational and budgetary requirements. It’s a consultative approach, one built on discovering specific needs and providing useful guidance. We don’t focus on developing solutions for our customers, but with our customers.

Our Dedicated Sales Team

We take a lot of pride in our ability to see the big picture while focusing on the little details that help our customers succeed. For example, in telecommunications, it’s common for businesses to move from carrier to carrier in search of the best possible service. That makes adherence to timelines particularly important - no one wants to lose service because a key transition date was missed, and an old contract expired along the way. Our team stays focused on these types of issues by taking a very different approach from other telecom vendors, one we refer to as our white-glove approach:

  •        We listen closely. Through a detailed discovery conversation with our customers and their IT team, we uncover their issues and desired outcomes to develop a solution that fits our customers’ exact needs.
  •        We assign a dedicated team. Once a customer, you will be assigned a dedicated team on your account comprised of an account manager, sales engineer, and sales support personnel to make sure you always have a point of contact who can assist with making sure you’re getting what you need, and help to escalate any issues should they arise.
  •        We’re honest. We pride ourselves on being agile and flexible enough to come with a customized implementation that meets a customer’s requirements, but we’re honest enough to admit when a solution just isn’t a right fit for us or the customer.

On top of our consultative approach, the Telesystem sales team are unlike their peers elsewhere. Whereas the telecommunications industry at large is characterized by rapid staff turnover, many of our account representatives have been with Telesystem for years, or even a decade or more. Accordingly, when customers call for help with their contract or adding services, they get to speak with the same person who knows their account inside and out, instead of having to start all over with someone new.

Thanks to our experienced sales team, our customers benefit from useful recommendations, attentive guidance, and hands-on help, whenever and wherever they need it – but it doesn’t stop there, our white-glove approach we take to sales also extends to all aspects of our business, including support and implementation.

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