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Protecting your network: Endpoint Protection, Managed Firewall and Synchronized Security

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Protecting your network: Endpoint Protection, Managed Firewall and Synchronized Security

Working from home doesn’t have to mean a decrease in security for your business. There are many ways to ensure your files are safe no matter where you get things done. With a firewall and endpoint protection, you’ll be protected from a wide range of risks and threats without having to sacrifice performance.

But what is a Managed Firewall and Endpoint Protection? And why do you need it?

Managed Firewall

Modern operating systems come with some level of built-in firewall protection, but not all firewalls are created equal. Firewalls can bottleneck network performance, making pages load at a crawl and hindering download speeds and, by extension, slowing your productivity. 

Managed firewalls allow you to easily control where and how protection is placed, so it won’t cause unnecessary slowdowns in applications. They feature a streamlined architecture using packet processing to deliver protection and visibility, enabling rock-solid defense without a noticeable hit to performance.

The firewall is “managed” by active security personnel, who track any incoming security risks that could compromise your system. If anything unusual is picked up, like unexpected traffic or a questionable file, you’ll be notified immediately.

A Managed Firewall provides visibility into several kinds of risks, including:

  •       Risky users
  •       Unwanted applications
  •       Suspicious payloads
  •       Persistent threats

Managed firewalls use a visual dashboard to expose hidden risks and report them with on-box and cloud reporting.

Endpoint protection

Ransomware attacks increased by 485% in 2020 compared to 2019, says Bitdefender’s 2020 Consumer Threat Landscape Report. With ransomware attacks being reported left and right, you want to make sure your business is protected with the latest network security technology. Endpoint Protection can prevent ransomware attacks as well as malware.

Endpoint protection, or endpoint security, is used to secure the end-user. This is done by creating a layer of protection on endpoints, such as servers, desktops, laptops and mobile devices. It’s often used in tandem with an antivirus, making for a full spectrum of coverage. 

It’s common for most users to have some level of antivirus software installed, but antivirus solutions often don’t protect against targeted attacks, exploits and data leakage. That’s where endpoint security excels.

Endpoint protection offers a myriad of features to keep your endpoints safe:

  •       Deep learning malware protection - Uses machine learning to check executable files before launch.
  •       Exploit prevention - Stops vulnerable applications from being taken advantage of by known exploits.
  •       CryptoGuard - Detect and roll back malicious file encryption activity caused by ransomware.
  •       Application lockdown - Prevents malicious apps from perpetuating harm.
  •       Credential theft protection - Stops applications from dumping Microsoft Windows credentials from the disk, registry, or device memory.
  •       Process protection - Thwarts malicious process-related techniques that can be used on legitimate applications.
  •       Registry protections - Protects sensitive areas of the registry that can be used to manipulate system functions.
  •       Active adversary mitigations - Detects and disrupts common cyberattacks on a system.
  •       Safe browsing - Monitors your browser’s network to detect potential attacks.
  •       Root cause analysis - Breaks down what happened after malicious activity is detected.
  •       Registry cleaning - Conducts thorough malware removal that will restore tampered Windows OS files and registries to health.
  •       Synchronized security - Collaboration with other Synchronized Security-enabled products to share contextual threat information to respond automatically to detected threats.

Synchronized security

Synchronized security means security solutions can talk to each other, allowing your managed firewall and endpoint security to work together and provide you with comprehensive protection. You’ll never have to worry about whether you’re safe from certain types of attacks or malicious applications and executables. 

When Telesystem’s Managed Firewall and Endpoint Protection solutions are deployed together, they utilize Synchronized Security to respond to malicious attacks by sharing real-time information between the endpoints and the firewall.

Telesystem can provide you peace of mind when it comes to keeping your business safe. To learn more about how you can up security for your business’ network, contact us today.



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