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Our Network

Telesystem's Nationwide Network

Our Network

At Telesystem, we have Nationwide Fiber and IP Networks,
including Over 4,000 Private Fiber route miles across the U.S.

 Telesystem supplies businesses with advanced, reliable voice, internet, network and managed technology solutions.

Owned Data Centers


Privately Owned Data Centers

On-Net Buildings


On-Net Buildings

Fiber Route Miles


Private Fiber Route Miles







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Telesystem Network Map A map of Telesystem's Centers across the USA.

Built-In DDoS Protection

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are major threats to your network. As your front line of defense, Telesystem's advanced threat protection is capable of inspecting, detecting and defending in real-time, protecting your resources from DDoS attacks, bots, botnets, malicious cyber threats and other harmful traffic at our core. 

Backed by industry leading threat intelligence, businesses can be confident that our defense system is proactively improving your security.

Network Status

Visit our Network status page for information on service outages, upgrades, planned maintenances, and other unexpected events that may affect your service.

Experiencing an issue not listed on our Network Status page? Submit a Trouble Ticket.

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