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Foreign Exchange

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Foreign Exchange

For business customers outside of a Telesystem Rate Area, we offer Foreign Exchange Extension Service. We provide a dedicated circuit via a direct plant build or leased facility to deliver local calling.

With foreign exchange extension services, you can make and receive calls the same way customers inside our service areas do. So, if your business is located in the Toledo area and many of your customers are in the Chicago area, they can reach you using a local telephone number.

Please note: E911 service is not supported.

Variable Market FX Service

If you have a Telesystem ISDN PRI Voice or Digital Trunk, Variable Market FX service gives you the ability to have local numbers from multiple rate centers (other markets served by Buckeye Telesystem) terminate as a local call.

For example, local Internet service providers with a Telesystem local Toledo ISDN PRI could have a local Bowling Green number terminate to the same circuit. However, outbound calling can only be originated from a single rate center.

Remote Forwarding (Inbound Only) FX Service

We can even receive calls from a local area and forward them to you. Remote Forwarding FX Service allows our business customers to receive local calls from the Telesystem Local Calling Area.

We create a local access line in our service area that receives inbound local calls to your business. Those calls are then forwarded to your location either within or outside of our local service area.

Applicable local, Inter and Intralata charges apply for forwarded calls. This service can be configured with any number of additional call paths to accommodate multiple inbound calls simultaneously.

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