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Call Recording

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Call Recording

Call Recording is easily identified as an essential management tool for any business with a customer contact staff. Reviewing calls offers valuable insights into both contact team and customer dynamics.

But more than that, Call Recording is a practical tool for companies driven by quality customer service and commitment to legal compliance – Telesystem’s Call Recording readily allows you to manage both. With applications for Sales, Marketing, Analytics, Customer Service, and Staff Development, Call Recording offers functionality that can benefit every area of your organization.

One Solution - Multiple Applications

Customer Service - Foster growth and staff development. Review calls in coaching sessions to enhance strengths and identify areas that would benefit from additional training. Ensure your commitment to quality customer service.

Marketing - Know what your customers are calling about, where they are calling from, and what they are interested in. Monitor promotion success by tracking regional call trends by phone number.

Sales - Make the most of your CRM solution. Upload recordings to most CRM solutions, easily maintaining detailed accounts of your customer interactions.

Regulatory - Proactively meet compliance regulations before they become an issue. A large number of industries including health care, banking, and government are bound by overwhelming amounts of recordkeeping requirements. They successfully and cost-effectively leverage Call Recording to meet those challenges while enjoying the quality control benefits.

Advanced Functionality

  • Inbound/Outbound Call Recording
  • Attach to Email
  • Desktop Alerts
  • Call Annotation
  • Call Categories
  • Search Filter
  • PCI Compliance add-on available

Management Reports

  • Call Handler Activity
  • Calling Locations
  • Calls by Category
  • Daily Usage
  • Frequent Callers
  • Hourly Usage

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