Our network allows remote access for dial-in data applications. Instead of numerous individual lines, streamline your business communications into one efficient Telesystem ISDN PRI data circuit with up to 23 separate channels for video or data.

ISDN PRI circuits automatically allocate bandwidth according to task, so your business can execute multiple applications across the same circuits. Consolidate numerous business data lines into one on-demand ISDN PRI that stretches to fit your needs.


  • Meets all national ISDN requirements
  • Redundant SONET network backbone
  • 24/7 local monitoring

Optional Features - Enhanced package for two or more PRIs only

  • Backup D-channel
  • Associated 24-channel PRI
  • Non-facility associated signaling


  • LAN/WAN connectivity
  • Internet connectivity
  • Distance learning/real-time video connectivity
  • Data lines

+ A SIP Trunk may also meet your multi-line needs. 

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