Telesystem delivers a wide array of communication, collaboration and information services and solutions to help your business succeed. We tailor solutions to meet your specific needs, so you can stay connected and focus on your core business. When you partner with Telesystem you get the advantage of advanced and reliable services, all backed by our dedicated 24/7 support. At Telesystem we understand the demands of today's business world, so you can depend on our technology to elevate productivity and empower your business.


 VoIPicon   Whatever the size of your business, Telesystem's Hosted VoIP Phone System will simplify your communications and help you operate more efficiently. Secure the most advanced technologies without having to make significant upfront capital expenditures.   Learn-More-button
 EthernetIcon Services   With the ability to mix and match services, you can build the most effective network for your business. Telesystem's experience and world-class technology combine to help you achieve the reach and scale your business needs.    Learn-More-button
 InternetIcon Services   Telesystem offers a variety of Internet service plans that can be tailored to meet your unique broadband needs. We offer a full spectrum of upstream and downstream bandwidths that enable you to download, transfer and stream data confidently.     Learn-More-button
 CloudIcon Services   Whether you're utilizing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) or Software as a Service (SaaS), Telesystem can empower your business with a full suite of server, storage, security and other cloud-based services.    Learn-More-button
PhoneIcon Services   Telesystem offers a complete portfolio of business phone services including Business lines, ISDN Voice PRI, Digital Trunks, Foreign Exchange Extension Service and Voicemail with affordable, flexible plans so you can choose the services that meet your business communication needs.    Learn-More-button
DataIcon Services   Telesystem's world-class facility, Data Center-1 (DC-1) housed within the Network Operations Center, and DC-2 located in Monroe, Michigan deliver data solutions and secure redundancy to businesses of all sizes.    Learn-More-button
CableIcon Services   Whether you want to be able to watch the news while you work, or entertain customers waiting in your lobby, commercial cable television is a great solution.    Learn-More-button