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Hosted VoIP Phone System

Audio Conferencing

Telesystem Conferencing provides a full range of conferencing capabilities, supporting moderator controls, web-based clients and scheduling. A conference can be scheduled as a one-time event, a recurring event or a reservation-less conference. Meet-Me Conferencing also provides HD audio conferencing for any HD capable audio endpoint.

Conference Types

Reservation-less Telesystem Conferencing

This service allows participants to dial into an existing bridge number at any time – offering the flexibility and control for informal meetings.

Scheduled Conferencing

A moderator can schedule a conference for a one-time event, or schedule the conference to occur in intervals (daily, weekly, monthly). This type of conference is most appropriate for meetings that have designated start and stop times.


Microsoft Outlook Plugin

Conveniently control your conference with this easy-to-use moderator client - launched seemlessly from Microsoft Outlook. Create, add or manage your conference calls from within your Outlook calendar. Invited participants will receive all of the bridge information as part of the calendar invite. Plus, a "Call Me Now" option appears in their meeting invite. Participants who receive the meeting invitation and click on the "Call Me Now" link are routed to a web page that prompts them to enter in their phone number – allowing guests to be brought into the conference rather than having to enter a dialing bridge and entering information.

Download Outlook Plugin

Conference Recording

Review your recorded conference calls later, post the calls to your website, publish a podcast or burn to a CD to offer to those unable to attend the live call. (Note: conference recordings are stored for a maximun of 5 days.)

Conferencing Moderator Client

The Conference Moderator Client is an application to manage the conference through a web-based user interface or Dual Tone Multi Frequency (DTMF) control commands. When a participant logs in as a moderator, they are given additional functions including:

  • Locking and unlocking the conference
  • Recording options
  • Mute/unmute
  • Inviting new participants
  • Participant count/Roll Call

Telesystem Conferencing Packages

  • 5 participants including Moderator   $11.99
  • 10 participants including Moderator $19.99
  • 15 participants including Moderator $24.99
  • 25 participants including Moderator $34.99

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