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Private Line

Private Line

Our Private Line service provides dedicated bandwidth to businesses at capacities ranging from DS-1 (1.544Mbps or 24 voice-grade lines) to OC-192 (9.6Gbps or 129,024 voice-grade lines).

You can count on us to be completely reliable.

Our core network infrastructure is made up of redundant SONET rings, which provide the highest degree of reliability. We also monitor your service 24 hours a day from our Network Operations Center. In the rare event of a problem, our technicians can often resolve it before you even realize there was a problem.

Local, point-to-point, or point-to-multipoint circuits


  • PBX Tie Lines
  • LAN/WAN Interconnection
  • Broadband Dedicated Internet
  • Private Networks


  • Shared Resources
  • Broadband Dedicated Internet
  • Eliminate per-call charges when dialing throughout your private network.
  • Add bandwidth between facilities for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Imaging, CAD/CAM, and more.

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