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Telesystem Share Drive

Telesystem Share Drive

For your business to keep pace with the competition, agility is essential. Responsiveness depends on effective communication and information sharing. Give your team the tools they need to get the results you want with Telesystem Share Drive.

Store, Sync, Share and Collaborate


Share Drive is different from common file sharing tools. Beyond simple file sharing, Share Drive empowers collaboration. Rather than saving your documents to a general cloud application, Telesystem Share Drive offers customers their own, affordable private workspace where teams can create, share, and accomplish more - easily.

Administer and manage your own corporate Share Drive environment, setting up users as needed and allocating space based on each user’s needs. Company administrators can also set up groups to designate project teams to streamline team work.


Your work can take you anywhere - shouldn’t you be able to take your data with you? Share Drive offers file storage that is readily accessible anywhere you need to be:

  • Android and iOS mobile applications
  • Share Drive web portal
  • Desktop application

Disaster Proof

Storing your files in your Share Drive also means you are keeping a copy of your data on servers that reside within Telesystem’s compliance certified, redundant, regional Data Centers, adding the assurance that comes from knowing the data you store in Share Drive is disaster-proof.

Seamless Syncing

Multiple document copies can drain productivity as files are modified and saved in multiple places, leaving you to hunt for the most recent version. Duplication of effort compounds the amount of time wasted.

Streamline document retention with Telesystem Share Drive Desktop Synchronization Client. Connect your Share Drive account with any local directory and changes to one will automatically update the corresponding file.

The Desktop Synchronization Client is available for both:

  • Mac OS X
  • Windows

Simple Sharing

Eliminate the expense and maintenance tied to on-premise storage devices. Easily share files with other team members as well as important contacts outside of your organization. Options allow you to tailor the level of access to the document or file you are sharing and the person you are sharing it with.

Maximum email size limits range anywhere from 10Mb to 50Mb, creating a dilemma for sending and sharing large files, but Share Drive allows large file transfer.

Productive Collaboration

Collaboration helps you get down to work, eliminating cumbersome processes and creating a space to share ideas and generate answers. With a common space for a wide range of file types, Share Drive will help your organization work together, no matter where your team members are located.

Store projects in Share Drive and share with internal and external partners. From there, mobile, web, and desktop applications function together to ensure always-on access to team projects. Changes to the document are stored historically, allowing you to restore to an earlier version of the document if needed.

Download the Share Drive Desktop Client

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Download the Share Drive App

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