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Hosted Solutions for Your Business

Published: 05 May 2014

Hosted Solutions for Your Business

Hosted Solutions for Your Business

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Communication solutions like phone and email services are vital to any business and you wouldn’t want one without the other. As integral business communication tools, you want the latest and best technology has to offer. So you invest in the hardware and software you need to get up and running but it isn’t long before the technology is outdated.

Have you considered doing business the way your future intended?

Hosted VoIP Phone System

Usually, you are at the mercy of the technology available to you. Today, you have choices. Yesterday’s option is an unyielding, expensive, legacy phone system - technology in its twilight.  Today, the Hosted VoIP Phone System has established itself as the cost-effective, feature-rich choice for businesses of any size. With over 70 features, Epiphany is designed to meet a broad range of communication needs.

How it Works

Your inbound call traffic is routed to our Network Operations Center (NOC). From there, calls are sent over SIP IP Protocol and delivered to your business. Because calls pass over using SIP, they can be sent to any location with an Ethernet or Internet connection. Since Hosted VoIP phone service operates out of Telesystem’s NOC, your phone system is safe in the event your business encounters a disaster.

Save Money

Having the latest technology usually means spending money.  Not with the Hosted VoIP Phone System:


  • Expensive to purchase, quickly absorbs capital budget
  •  Expensive to maintain and upgrade
  •  Moves, Adds, and Changes time consuming and expensive
  •  Requires two networks, one for data and one for voice - resulting in higher cost
  •  Offers some features like ACD, but at an increased cost that makes it unattainable for smaller businesses

 Tcircle  Hosted VoIP Phone System

  •  No expensive equipment to purchase, turn capital expense into operating cost
  •  Since it is hosted, Telesystem takes care of upgrades and maintenance
  •  Quickly and easily scalable
  •  Data and voice passed along one IP network - saving money
  •  Offers a wealth of features and capabilities like ACD, Receptionist, Call Center, and Visual Voicemail at a price that is affordable for cost conscious budgets


Save Time

With the Hosted VoIP Phone System from Telesystem, we take care of maintaining and upgrading the equipment and software that provides your phone service. Telesystem also takes care of tracking licenses, ensuring your needs are always covered.

Beyond administration, the Hosted VoIP features mean you don’t have to miss a call simply because you are away from your desk. With mobile access to work voicemail and email, along with advanced forwarding capability, the days of being tethered to your desk phone are over. Telesystem's Hosted VoIP Phone System translates to productivity.

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Hosted Exchange

You have many email solutions available to you, but not all of them are created equal. What’s more, even fewer provide business class email service designed to empower your business with dependable, secure, and easy-to-use email service. Hosted Exchange from Telesystem allows you to leverage the full power of your email service with Microsoft Exchange, worry-free

How it Works

Your emails are routed to email servers located within the Telesystem Data Center. You can then log into your email account and access your email through Outlook or an Outlook web based portal, or have them synced to your smartphone/tablet. Since your emails are stored on servers in our Data Center, they are disaster-proof and easily recoverable.

Save Money

In-house or free email solutions may seem like good ideas, until you consider the potential price of each.

There are many hidden costs to in-house email solutions. Expenses can skyrocket with the purchase of servers, power sources, software, security applications, and the professionals needed to maintain all of that.

Opting for one of the free solutions might appear to save some money initially, but the hidden costs associated with downtime and data breeches can be astronomical. Not to mention, it also puts your security and that of your customers at risk.

Our Cloud Exchange solutions start as low as $1.75, per user, per month. With spam filtering and antivirus protection, 24/7 support, 100% guaranteed uptime, and the ability to retain your own domain, what are you waiting for? We are so confident you’ll love Telesystem’s Cloud Exchange we will give you your first 30 days free.

Save Time

Who handles your email if the system goes down? With Telesystem’s Hosted Exchange, you have 100% guaranteed uptime and 24/7 support. Since it is hosted, Telesystem maintains and updates their servers, ensuring your technology is secure and up to date.

The advanced productivity features of Telesystem’s Cloud Exchange support dynamic office environments. Hosted exchange packages allow you to choose the features that work for you – and fit your budget. Intuitively designed, users can sync email, tasks, and calendar appointments across mobile devices and work stations. You can also have your company’s enterprise directory on hand, anywhere Internet is accessible.

Enjoy the advanced productivity features of Telesystem’s Hosted Exchange that you can count on being industry leading- IT Dilemma solved!

Click HERE to learn more about Telesystem’s Hosted Exchange.

Solve Your IT Dilemma

The best in technology doesn’t have to be confusing or overwhelming. From discovery to implementation, Telesystem makes the process an easy one. We will develop a solution that you are confident in – customized specifically for the way your business operates.

Take advantage of Telesystem’s years of communications expertise – contact us for a free consultation today.


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