Take your small business big places.

SOHO service from Buckeye Telesystem lets you take your small business to big places.

Now you can enjoy all of the features and benefits of a large corporate phone system - plus the appearance of a larger company - all while simplifying your daily business communications.

Our SOHO services include:

Business Lines

You can choose your voice package based on the needs of your small business, combine it with Internet service for increased savings, and even choose custom features, such as call waiting, caller ID, three-way calling and others.

Consult our packages and bundles to see which features you can combine to customize your business telephone service.

Hosted Stations

Space is a valuable commodity in your home, especially when you work there too. Hosted Stations are a perfect solution for home offices, because we “host” all the equipment at our facilities. You can enjoy all the bells and whistles that come with a large phone system and your coats and shoes don’t have to compete for closet space.


It’s like putting sprinkles, hot fudge and nuts on a sundae. Add-Ons, such as Auto Attendant, Enhanced Web Hosting, and Hosted Fax Mail, make your SOHO service even better.

Choose from Home Office Plus and Home Office Complete.

Home Office Plus - $39.99/month

Home Office Plus features Auto Attendant and Enhanced Web Hosting.

Auto Attendant

With Auto Attendant, you can use pre-recorded menus to greet your callers and direct them to a desired department, user or mailbox. You can customize the recording to suit your hours of operation, handle holiday calls, and route calls 24 hours a day.

An Auto Attendant allows you to manage call volume. That’s especially helpful if you are your only employee. It also creates the perception that your business is larger.

Enhanced Web Hosting

Nothing raises a red flag like a business email address that ends in @yahoo, @gmail, @hotmail or, even worse, @aol. When your website and email are hosted by Buckeye Telesystem you not only have a legitimate domain name, you also have redundant access. That means your site and email will always be up and running. And if you ever need service or support, just call us to talk with a real person any time of the day or night.

Home Office Complete - $59.99/month

Home Office Complete features the Auto Attendant and Enhanced Web Hosting, as well as Hosted Fax Mail.

Fax machines can be bulky and temperamental. Hosted Fax Mail turns your inbound faxes into emails. You can send and receive them as email attachments, open them from your subscriber folder, or log into your easy-access web portal and retrieve them from anywhere. Plus, Hosted Fax Mail never jams, runs out of toner, or has trouble connecting, making it the perfect SOHO solution.

Talk with one of our SOHO consultants today about taking your business to the next level. Call 866-535-9898 or email us and we’ll be in touch by the end of the next business day.